Friday, June 11, 2010

This is for Me

I often get the impression that telling people that you have your own blog is basically the equivalent of telling them that I huffed an entire glue ...(can?), snorted a few lines of coke, and then finished the morning off by blowing Kermit the Frog.

For that very reason, I have refrained from telling any of my friends (other than my one, solitary, loyal, and enduringly handsome follower) about this blog.  I hope to make this change.  Starting today.

I got the advice that since blogs are a dime a dozen (actually, smarty-pants, they're free a dozen), it's the voice behind them that counts.  To write for myself, let my voice shine through, and maybe eventually readers will follow.  I also think that in order to discover this so-called voice, I need to continue to force myself to write.  Currently, it reminds me more of that first time you hear a recording of yourself, and you're all, no way, that isn't me.  Occasionally, I get a little feedback, and feel floored by some of the reactions.
That post about lying, for example.  was....weak.  I had no idea what to write about, tried for a laugh, and failed miserably. 
And now my dad thinks I'm a sociopath.

Actually, that's another problem I'm having with this whole blogging thing.  I'm so afraid you'll all judge me and dislike what you see that you will cast me away, send me up on some shoddy airplane, which will crash on some crazy damn island, and I will be forced to spend the next 6 years running away from some mystical smoke monster, only to realize after all the hassle that, hey....I'm dead!  What I mean to say is: try not to judge.
You might not like what you see here, or you might.  Maybe you'll block my number.  Maybe you'll become a follower of mine.  There's no way for me to know, and there's no way for me to please you all.  I hope you still like me (I like you!).  I hope sometimes I can make you laugh.  I hope I don't offend you, and when I do ('s most likely gonna happen), I hope you'll let me buy you a drink and then you'll forgive me.

Also....just making myself laugh here....I love my labels for this post, and look forward to seeing who gets directed here inadvertantly.