Friday, October 29, 2010

In Which I Drink too Much and Wax on about Missing the Fam.

I'm listening to some Traveling Wilburys and thinking of my dad.  Specifically, End of the Line (That sounds dreary, but I swear, it's kinda an uplifting song). I think it's due to the fact that he introduced me to the boy band when I was a kid and I've had a fondness ever since.

There's not much point to this update other than for me to say that I miss my dad.

I miss my entire family, in truth, but it feels like forever since I've seen the dad and we're due a visit. For reals, people.
There is some serious Harry Potter viewing and music commentating to be done.  It's well past due.

The boyfriend and I are planning a visit in February and I can barely keep my boots on. Except when I sit back and think on just how boring I remember I found my hometown to be when I was a teen.
I'll show you my favorite comic book store.....and my favorite place for coffee.  And maybe that statue of the lamb in my town center.
And then it's just a matter of what to do for the next 4 and a half days.  I suppose Boston could offer a short reprieve.

It'll just be nice to put my feet up and be all sarcastic and awful around my dad.  He's one of the few people who actually thinks I'm funny.

*On a side note, I google image searched "sterling, massachusetts," and this is quite truly the most exciting image to be found.  I think it's high time I stopped pretending Sterling is without it's glamour. NYC, beware!