Wednesday, February 1, 2012

A List: Fictional Crushes

I feel like writing, but can only seem to come up with weird lists. Lucky you, Reader. Behold, my list of fictional crushes through my lifetime:

don't even pretend this isn't attractive
Dusty - the G.I. Joe that I think was supposed to be in the Gulf War, or something? I don't really know. He had a southern accent, that's about all I remember.

Murdoc - MacGyver's nemesis. You know, the psycho with the burned face that was always setting MacGyver's houseboat loose into the ocean. "I could fix this if I just had some duct tape," continues to be a favorite proclamation, all due to that sexy, murderous madman. I have no explanation for this, and should probably be a little ashamed.

Drop Dead Fred - That mean prankster who gave his imaginary life to help Phoebe. You just put a piece of broccoli in your mouth and said, "Mm, what a lovely piece of broccoli." *le sigh.

Johnny! - Dirty Dancing. Duh. My parents didn't let me watch this at first, apparently due to all the dirty dancing, and probably that whole brutal abortion business, but I watched it at my best friend's house. Many many times. I also forced my cousins to re-enact all the scenes with me. I'd defend this behavior, but am pretty sure we've already established that I'm not proud.

Bodhi - Point Break. Yeah, another bad guy. And it only now occurs to me that it's another Patrick Swayze role. His death is just now hitting me...

Doctor Who - but only the one played by David Tennant. Also, any other role played by David Tennant.

Xander - Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Geeks are so great.

Jayne - Firefly. He's close enough to a villain that it's ok for me to crush on him.

That's all I can think of right now.
Do you have any weird fictional crushes?