Tuesday, October 12, 2010

In Which I Whine, on 3 Counts.

Hello again, friends.  Long time, right?
I've been using the excuse of 13-hour days as a reason to stay sedate on my days off, so just back the hell off, right?  Wrong, maybe.
Because now I've forgotten how to write about anything.  I could tell you of my day.  Very exciting stuff.  Today, dears, was the 2nd day in a row, mind you, that a frightened dog *ahem* expressed on my scrubs.  Have you heard of anal gland expression?  If not, then rest assured, it's not something you want on your clothes, or a smell you want following you on your commute home.
So, maybe work is out.

I could wonder aloud why women are so awful to each other.  Back to work.  I'm spending these long days with 20+ people at a time, only 1, maybe 2 of them are men.  As a new person, you expect to go through certain trials, proving yourself and all that.  As a new person, you DON'T expect to be put through tests similar (I assume) to that of a sorority pledge.  Girls are mean, more often than not, it would seem.  Making me all the more grateful for my wonderful female friends.  It is these few personalities that raise me back up and allow me to enter a new week, once again trusting women.

Lastly, I could bitch about the boyfriend's man-date.  How he sees certain people more often than he sees  me, and doesn't seem to miss me at all.  He talks extensively about hanging out with a friend, never mentioning that I'm not invited.  It seems small, especially in writing, but it's my only day off this week and it would have been nice to hear that he wanted to spend that time with me.  He says he can squeeze me in for a couple hours, but, frankly, I'm not so into that idea.
Bitch, bitch, bitch, I guess.  But it IS my blog.  Where better for it.

How 'bout you?  Any new jobs, mean women, or man-dates you've been dealing with?  How's your week going?