Sunday, June 19, 2011

A Letter to my Dad

Like many of you, today I scrambled to call my dad at a reasonable hour for the both of us, as he is 3 hours ahead, to wish him yet another happy Father's Day. He was buzzing a little bit and I got to sit back and listen to him give me the details of his walk to find some snapping turtles.
As I sat there smiling, I realized something rather important that I've never actually taken stock of before: I unconditionally adore my dad. He is amusing, even downright hilarious, and he's always been fair and stable, and a solid influence in my life. What's more, he laughs at my jokes (a true testament of character), watches Harry Potter with me, and generally gives the impression that he likes me as a person. My dad, in short, has never given me reason to doubt him.
Now, 3000 miles away and desperately attempting to become a grown-up, I can thank him for his most exceptional gift: in a world where finding one's character can be mercurial and demanding, he always encouraged me to be exactly who I am.
Thanks, Dad. I love you.